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Best Natural Magnesium Epsom Salts For Bath Soak

Our collection of bath soaks is made in Australia from magnesium Epsom salts sourced from 100 % natural deposits in Germany, one of the few places on the planet where deposits of Epsom salts occurring naturally, and not synthetically manufactured. Magnesium Epsom salts bath soaks are exceptional to help with relaxation; aches and pains relieve, including sore muscles and back pain; may aid with skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Therapeutic effect of magnesium Epsom bath salts paired with pleasure of natural fragrances and potent botanicals — to transform your cleansing regiment into ceremonial bathing experience. 

Guided by the principles of ancient Greece, as well as Chinese medicine, herbalism, and aromatherapy, we have created each of these four bath soaks with an exceptional blend of salts, botanicals and essential oils. Each soak is remarkable in its own right, possessing its own distinctive character and purpose to help you achieve your wellness goals.


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