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Clay Face Masks Skin Care

A sensible addition to most bathroom cabinets. Whether one resorts to Rhassoul, French green, or kaolin, these multitasking mineral-rich clay masks have adorned skin since ancient eras. Our ancestors recognised that mud does the body good! Applied at leisure and ideally complemented by your favourite aperitif, clay face mask is a gift in itself.


While each type of clay has unique properties, they all essentially function as magnetic magic that detoxifies microparticles from every pore and delivers an exceptional cleanse without agitation. When clay is mixed with water, molecules get electrically charged, resulting in acne-clearing, fungal-removing, complexion-smoothing, and impurity-absorbing perfection. Potentially drying by nature, use of clays should be taken as an explorative task, so it's best to play around with timing you leave it for on your skin, or adding honey for soothing spa treatment. They are also nourishing and cleansing to the hair and scalp when brushed in as a dry shampoo.

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