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48 Rules Of Love

1. When it arrives, cherish it.

2. You get what you accept.

3. Know that love is a mirror—it always shows us who we are if we allow it to.

4. Learning oriented, don't take it personally.

5. You are entirely up to you. It is not the other person’s responsibility to make you happy.

6. Don’t say words with the intent to hurt.

7. Accept and forgive easily.

8. Don’t be scared to disagree, it’s healthy. Accept honest and constructive criticism, it’s the kindest invitation to improve.

9. Admit when you are wrong, quickly.

10. Do not punish.

11. Live in the moment—be present. It’s all we have.

12. Leave the past where it belongs.

A couple, man and woman seating and hugging in a bathtub. Scene from movie "Love", director Gasper Noé, 2015
from film "Love", director Gasper Noé, 2015

13. Leave drama out of it.

14. Don’t manipulate to get results.

15. Don’t play mind games.

16. Listen very carefully.

17. Don’t judge.

18. Don’t try to control.

19. Communicate openly and honestly.

20. Be each other’s best friend. Support each other when the going gets tough.

21. Never be too busy for each other.

22. Celebrate differences. Don’t use comparisons.

23. Don't try to change each other.

24. Don’t condemn each other’s family and friends.

Two men and a woman seating in a bathtub. Scene from movie "The Dreamers", director Bernardo Bertolucci, 2003
from film "The Dreamers", director Bernardo Bertolucci, 2003

25. Don’t compromise your morals and values and don’t expect them to either.

26. Space is needed to breathe and to grow. Give it to each other. Ask for it when you need.

27. Aim for balance, not power.

28. Allow a small amount of jealousy.

29. Give the benefit of the doubt. Pay attention to your instincts. In that order.

30. Have fun, laugh and play—a lot.

31. Don’t waste energy with negative thoughts.

32. Compliment often, in superlatives.

33. Be attentive and understand what’s not said.

34. Discover each other.

35. Don’t just speak about it, show love.

36. Do not carelessly throw away love.

A woman laying in a bathtub. Scene from movie "Frances", director Graeme Clifford, 1982
from film "Frances", director Graeme Clifford, 1982

37. Do not be afraid, love requires surrender.

38. Sleep under the stars.

39. Be loyal and faithful.

40. Trust.

41. Do at least one thoughtful/romantic thing every day.

42. Beginning of the end is the moment you start taking the other person for granted. Be grateful, always.

43. Never assume that you know the other person. Nobody is a static thing, but a dynamic process. At times it will feel like you’re ‘forced’ to fall in love with a completely different person again and again. Learn to accept change and fluidity.

44. Don’t cling to it, know when to let go.

45. Discover what turns you both on and explore it.

46. Make love, but also fuck (regularly).

47. No score boards. Give and receive without measure.

48. Never bluff and/or gamble with what you can’t afford to lose.

"Stand and face me, my love,

and scatter the grace in your eyes."



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