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rose bath

Olfactory symbolism

Synchronise the sensory with the symbolical.

The power of the printed word to conjure images to let you recognise your olfactory experience.

We invested smells with meaning. We turned odour into a clue to a character's personality and the atmosphere.


"Yes, as everyone knows, meditation and water

are wedded forever."

Herman Melville

Rather than checking your phone while waiting for the tub to fill, open your bath salts (or soap, etc.) and smell them. Close your eyes and allow the aroma to fill your nostrils, continue to breathe this scent into your chest. Exhale and repeat until you feel calm and centred. When the bath is ready, use your hands to administer the salts into the water, as opposed to pouring them directly from the bottle. Get your body aquatinted with the product prior to soaking in it. These acts enable a simple way to descend into your body prior to the even deeper grounding you'll be doing when submerged in water.

 Tasmanian pepper berries, lavender, hops and valerian

good sleep epsom salts bath phlegmatic

Element: water

Season: autumn

Qualities: cold and wet

Planet: Moon


  • mildly sedative - induce and improve sleep;

  • warms the heart and steadies the emotions; promotes a comfortable, calm state in which to prepare for sleep;

  • takes the edge off during turbulent times (or after a busy day);

  • helps relax and ease the feelings of stress and tension that can interfere with restful sleep; valerian & hops combination been used as a herbal medicine to treat sleep problems as well as anxiety, irritability, excitability, and restlessness;

  • good for relieving physical or nervous fatigue.

Phlegmatic as a lover

Phlegmatic who’s looking for interpersonal harmony and close relationship, is highly emotional, which means that sex is not merely a mechanical physical undertaking. Don’t be surprised if they aren't into casual flings or animalistic sex; rather it is expected to be a poetic act of beauty and love. If you’re going to get naked with a Phlegmatic, prepare yourself for an intense ride. And perhaps some post-coital crying. Intuitive and nurturing, receptive and governed by their emotions they are a walking vortex of dreamy nostalgia and repressed feels. S/he likes to make you feel safe and needed because this is what they crave. And once when comfortable and secure, Phlegmatic is deeply erotic. They will completely give themselves to their partner in the bedroom. Phlegmatic is the most kind and available lover. A true love maker. And their approach to lovemaking is creative and sensual, as well as passionate and lustful.

rose petals, French pink clay, ylang-ylang and geranium

grounding epsom salts rose bath melancholic

Element: earth

Season: winter

Qualities: cold and dry

Planet: Saturn


  • indulgent, exotic and voluptuous scent of ylang-ylang soothes and inhibits anger born of frustration;

  • comforting;

  • notable aphrodisiac;

  • hydrating;

  • balancing nature of geranium helps to centre the body and spirit.

Melancholic as a lover

Melancholic resemble the sexual tendencies of that of an old classic Hollywood film. Before getting to the bedroom, they might turn on some music and open a bottle of fine wine. Additional elements like intriguing scents, soft fabrics, and mood lighting are all set the stage and draw them closer to you. Sensual, earthy, and elegant Melancholic wants physical pleasures of all kinds—being held, stroked, and massaged. The pleasure is in the journey, not just the destination. Lover like Melancholic is gentle and has an air of sensuality around him/her, but once they start, it easily can turn into an all-nighter. The endurance of a Melancholic is pretty mind blowing and steady too. Melancholic is truly right there with you, absorbing every second of the shared pleasure that spilled all over your trembling with excitement body, and is very intrigued by the prospect of a simultaneous orgasm. Their style is natural and physical, and intellectualising the sex act would only serve to buff them.

Awakening the body through the senses is a powerful engagement with life itself.

As we engage with the inborn wisdom of our body, we are able to experience heightened physical aliveness and perception. Vitality, creativity and sensual aliveness become part of every day life. The awakened body allow us to access our strong intuition, greater self-care, confidence and energy. 

calendula petals, French yellow clay, Siberian fir needle and clary sage

rejuvenating epsom salts bath sanguine

Element: air

Season: spring

Qualities: hot and wet

Planet: Jupiter


  • elevates the sensesleaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed;

  • helps you to wind down just as much as cheer up;

  • centres the body and spirit;

  • clary sage is well known as euphoric-tonic-sedative and it’s useful in nervous depression and ‘weakness of spirit’;

  • calendula with its anti-inflammatory properties sooth and softens the skin.

Sanguine as a lover

Sociable, charismatic and stimulation seeking, Sanguine is heavily people-orientated and infectiously optimistic about life.  These are the ‘happy go lucky’, foxes we often have the pleasure of meeting in our lives.

What you see is what you get, and games are simply out of the question (well, sex games are in). Can you find more enthusiastic lover than that?

Natural thrill-seekers, spontaneous sex, and adventurous fantasies turn them on. Beep-beep! Did you say car sex? The Don Juan (or Juanita). S/he is flirty, charming, affectionate and intellectually interesting. Sex is just their idea of a good time. No talks about politics or your odious boss. They are fun and a great joy to be around. Cuddles that will simply make you feel happy and warm. 

black mustard, gums of Frankincense and Myrrh, Cedarwood

epsom salts bath for sore muscles choleric

Element: fire

Season: summer

Qualities: hot and dry

Planet: Mars


  • warms the body; mustard was used to relieve clogged sinuses during cold;

  • stimulate the sweat glands, opening the pores and helping the body rid itself of toxins;

  • helping to increase circulation, oxygenation, detoxification and purification;

  • by drawing the blood to the skin surface, mustard relieves headache, achy feet and muscle cramps; incredible if you’re feeling sore;

  • uplifting and restorative.

Choleric as a lover

Choleric is  aggressive and impulsive with incredible stamina and red-hot passion will take you in the heat of the moment. Everything they lust is urgent, and their sexual encounters are spontaneous and action-packed. Choleric’s  demanding and determined tendencies in the bedroom, will really make you come out of your shell. They don’t take instructions, they issue commands. They call the shots, and you take the hits.  The idea of surrendering your body like you’re a country and s/he’s an invading army will drive you mad with desire. Animalistic and primal ... carnal release.

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